Radio announcers should present the weather report

Dear Editor,

I want to suggest that the National Communications Network (NCN) announcers take over the reading of the daily weather report.  For too long now we have been putting up with the staff members from the meteorological centre reading the reports and not doing a fine job.  Too often it is the devil’s job to try and comprehend what is being said, except for the lone and distinctive voice of one Julian Francis, who is invariably audible and whose diction is crystal clear. May I add he is very lively too, but the others fall short badly.

Ever so often one is forced to strain the ears and struggle to decipher what is being read. It’s all so dull and dreary, and the incomprehensible cluster of words soon become annoying and turn you off. And what makes it even more irritating is the fact that many of us have become so dependent on this weather report so as to gauge the day.

Editor, try to understand that this criticism and suggestion are not from me alone; quite a few people have shared this view. Let us have a new arrangement, and have trained radio announcers present the weather report until better can be done.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Fyffe    

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