Social protection ministry should be commended for quick action on pension books

Dear Editor,

The Ministry of Social Protection workers and Mr Ricardo Banwarie in particular must be commended for the expeditious action taken to rectify a mistake which prevented several old age pensioners in Region 2 from receiving their money earlier for this month but who can do so now.

A misprint in the 7 digit numbers which were supposed to be identical at two places on the payment voucher meant they did not correspond, and this was responsible for no money being paid at the post office for the month of November.

The same problem occurred in December as well, but as it turned out, corrective measures were taken for both months.

It was commendable too that the book concerning me was delivered at my Suddie home last Sunday, which was a non-working day.

This clearly demonstrates a sense of compassion for the elderly which was very much appreciated.


Yours faithfully,

Baliram Persaud

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