DC Jammers clinched their third consecutive win in their four-match Goodwill Basketball series, overcoming Pacesetters on Tuesday at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

Following contrasting wins over Ravens and Colts, the first period saw the visitors taking the early advantage as they outscored Pacesetters 26-22. They then maintained their lead in the second half, scoring 17 points to their foe’s 16 points to lead 43-38 going into the half time interval.

The momentum in the fixture changed in the third period as Pacesetters out-hustled Jammers 19-15 to cut the deficit to 58-57. Nonetheless, the foreigners would not be denied as they netted 24 points while restricting their opponent to 18 points to clinch the win.

Jammers will now end their campaign on Saturday at the same venue in a rematch with Colts. All clubs will be allowed to use three guest players in the matches against the American team. Admission to the matches are slated for $1000. DC Jammers are expected to depart local shores on Sunday.

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