Five top DJs to clash in Art of War 2

Five of Guyana’s best DJs will go to war in another two weeks as they battle for $500,000 and bragging rights in Empire Media Incorporated second staging of ‘The Art of War’ competition.

The event, which will be held on Saturday, July 23 at the Georgetown Football Club (GFC) Ground Bourda, will feature 5 of Guyana’s best DJs in a quest for the grand prize.

This competition is intended to reignite the art form in Guyana in the most dynamic way, while putting our local selectors and DJs on the map both regionally and internationally.

The DJs who will be competing in this event are Selector Face, DJ Magnum, DJ Killer, DJ Antz Man and DJ Platinum.

There will be a total of four rounds in the competition.

20160709Art of warRound one of the competition will be the introductory round which will have no eliminations and last for 15 minutes. The second round will last for 10 minutes and will mark the beginning of the elimination round where the competitors will ‘engage the enemy’. During the third round dubbed, ‘dead artiste’ artistes will go head to head for 7 minutes and can also be eliminated.

In the final round, round four, the final artistes will compete ‘tune for tune’.

A Promotional Round/Cyber warfare will also be included before the competition begins. This will take the form of a recorded studio clash where each DJ/selector will play three songs on a specified theme.

The clash will be placed online and members of the internet audience will vote for the best round. A small prize will be awarded for this round

The competition in itself will be judged solely by the fans.

Empire Media Inc hopes to include regional and international acclaimed sound systems and DJs in the future.

Music will be provided by Pier 1, DJ Dellon, DJ Ice and DJ Energy.

Early bird tickets are $1,000 and regular tickets $1,500 and can be purchased at any of the following locations: Corner Kick Restaurant and Bar, Rubis Gas Station (Mandela Avenue), Nigel’s Supermarket, Hot and Spicy Restaurant and Westiderz Entertainment and Music Centre (Vreed-en-Hoop).

For more information on this and upcoming events you can like the Facebook page Empire Media Inc or call DJ Dellon on 662-7270 or Eusi on 862-233-0494.

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