Should you trust those you elected?

Honourable Raph. Trotman – spin doctor masterclass

Comrade Mrs Santa Claus and “Pashway” in the House

The answer to the question, “should you/should we trust elected representatives?” is yes!

After you have voted at the elections you should be extremely confident that your choices – whether in government, in Parliament – or both – or even in executive state-controlled positions – are trustworthy. After all, they assumed any lofty position(s)-are trustworthy, after all, they earned your early trust-and vote-before they assumed any lofty position(s).all right, I know that there is much more to it.

To begin with you might have cast your vote for a list presented by your party. You were impressed by, proud of your Presidential Candidate /Leader. After victory at the polls, your leader and his party then fashion a government and all the consequential office–holders, other officials and the executives to manage the economy and our lives (governmentally). You now hardly know all of these players who slowly, or swiftly, become “big ones’’. But remember you had reposed trust and confidence –in/for most things in your leader and his political/governmental lieutenants.


How much should you  know? Why? When?

After the campaigns, the elections and their final results your chosen ones become government and opposition.

You must have trust in your honourable choices now in office. You have the right to scrutinise your chosen servants even though you expect that they have or will access  the abilities to function fairly and affectively in appropriate areas of government .

Now balance that against your right to know basic aspects of government and governance. You want or need to know but your representatives decide what, when and how you should know. It’s now out of your hands and rights!  You wish to be informed because you are voter, tax-payer and citizen with numerous constitutional–secured rights. But hold on! Your elected managers are blessed with the expertise and reasons regarding what you should know when. You are supposed to confidently trust all of them. But there are myriad reasons to pause, to question, to doubt many of your honourable reps. Why!

Because their take on negotiations, confidentiality, security and state business might just not be in your interests many a time. And not because it’s your “boys and girls” in office you shouldn’t insist on scrutiny and criticism. On the contrary, because they might be yours increases your rights to accountability.


Honourable Trotman’s class act

My regulars will recall my admiration (?) for the declarations of Ministers Harmon and Jordan. Any self-respecting journalist or professional propagandist could make magic out of their usages from time to time.

Regular readers would also know or sense that I have cause to liken former Speaker, Honourable Raphael Trotman to former President Dr Jagdeo. I do misplace my clippings but I recall vividly Hon. Trotman assuring all that he was withdrawing from seeking any (political) office. Soon after he was to become Parliament’s Speaker. Later an encounter with then new PNC Comrade-Leader Granger in The Bahamas apparently re-awakened his innate PNC metabolism in the guise of AFC leader. Great stuff all that. Way beyond any successful survivor!

But it was the Honourable Trotman’s “taking-one-for-the-team” regarding the Exxon signing bonus which grabbed my attention. (Softening the dismissive abrasive approach of his accountant-economist colleague, Honourable Trotman “explained” that government was merely following a precedent set by Dr Jagdeo’s PPP when they had accepted a gratuity to offset Suriname’s aggression seventeen years ago. The material circumstances were not similar but you have to hand “it” to the Honourable Trotman for his innovative response to a society which discovered the gross and dismal deception in the name of strategic secrecy because the bonus could assist in preserving our territorial integrity. A great effort from the master-class from Honourable “Nothing-to-hide” Trotman. Kudos!


Prayers (needed) for Parliament

There is indeed a sessional opening prayer said in the National Assembly of our Parliament. But I suggest that a National Prayer of Cleansing might be in order.

And if there are some who point to parliamentary bad behaviour elsewhere, tell them those disgraces are not worthy of copy here.

First, it was the “bim-bam-boom-out” video performance of the Bartica Miner-Minister taped in the House of Honour. Second came the outrageous holler-down of the Presidential Address, when the Speaker implemented only delayed remote-control censure. Thirdly it was a female Santa intruder doing as she liked. And now the “pashway” rape-ruckus. What an example!

But surely there was collusion with Comrade Claus. How did she get into the Members’ Ladies restroom? How did she take in her Santa costume? Why were the security Santa-friendly? Whose idea was it for her stellar performance? Should Mrs Santa have worn green?

Points to ponder

  • As I predicted the capital city will break records in chaos this December.
  • As I predicted, there will be unrest during the 2020 Elections but His Excellency’s forces will “triumph”. As in Monday’s parliament.
  • Give three (3) reasons why His Excellency is avoiding full-fledged press conferences.
  • Keep faith with our good cops – despite alleged thefts, murder, bribery and robberies by the uniformed rogues.
  • Rumour has it that some former PNC stalwarts wanted to attend the recent PNC dinner, but changed their minds when they realised that the Comrade Leader wouldn’t make it. Folks like Odinga Lumumba, Henry Jeffrey, Joe Hamilton, Africo, Gillian B, Vanessa. (A A Fenty?)

’Til next week


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