The parking meters


Arlo Layne, Vendor

‘I think the parking meters are something good but I do not think that a person should have to pay for it all day, every hour you top up your meter. It should be for people who know they are going to be in town just an hour and they require parking; it would be beneficial for them.

It is evident that there is now a lot of parking spaces on Water Street, so if you need to park you can do so without a hassle. Though I haven’t used it as yet, I think the prices are affordable. They said it’s $50 for 15 minutes and I don’t think that it is bad. I have not bought a pre-paid parking meter card as yet but I plan to buy a $100 card. I am aware of where I can uplift the cards when I’m ready to buy one. ‘






William Lewis, Vendor

‘To me the parking meters not ready yet and the prices are too high, the $50 is too high for 15 minutes. When you look at it, the average man take home salary a day don’t be $2,836, it does be less and that is what the meter working for one day per spot, so when you check it out its too high.

If they had about a hundred dollar for an hour or something like that for the hour, people would not have mind. Look at Water Street, the place empty, the meters kill the town, you not getting sales from the people in town because nobody isn’t parking and buying.

Persons are not using the meters, I heard you getting a hard time getting the prepaid cards. However, personally I do not plan on using the meters, I prefer to park my car somewhere and utilize public transportation. ‘





Randy Persaud, Engineer

‘It is a good initiative for the country and it is the first time being used in Georgetown.  Now you can come and get good parking.  However, they should have persons around at least for the first month or two, demonstrating the use of the parking meter.

Since this is my very first time using it I had problems operating it because I thought you had to insert the card and not swipe it. And one more thing, now that we have the parking meters, we want to see what they will do with the revenue.

On the case of the prices they are not reasonable, they should probably reduce it for teachers and other public servants. I made an entry for 30 minutes and that cost was $116 plus VAT I think.’





Ramjune, Clerk

`I feel the prices are very heavy for the poorer class of people. Some of us buy cars on terms on a dealer agreement and we have to pay for that every month, then we have to pay for gas and spare parts.  So if we have to deduct from a small wages or salary, we have to take out $27,000. It begs us to wonder how we paying off every month for the car we bought on terms. Another thing is the conditions where they put some of the meters; they placed some in the mud, some on the concrete, they place them all over the place. I feel that Guyana does not have a driving economy where we can get money to put into the meters.’






Andy Daniels, Taxi Driver

`This parking meter is what you call modern day slavery to Guyanese. They bring some foreigners that will take 80% of our money and all we getting is 20%. I have used the parking meters ten times already. The prices are ridiculous, and they should be lowered. I work ten hours a day, $2000 a day I pay for parking, now I’m am taking home less money because you have to set aside money to park.

In just a matter of time they will move the parking meter days from Monday to Saturday, to Saturday to Saturday. It will soon be 24 hours, because right now they say is from 7 am to 7 pm. Moreover, they will increase the prices later down. When they were in talks on it first, they said $500 per hour for parking and then they said that after their studies they reduced it $200 or so per hour, just now they will go back on their word.’





Mosa Telford, Playwright

‘The parking meter is a good idea for persons living in a developed country who are earning enough. But I think that it was a bit rushed and the whole (thing) is just flawed. I don’t think that they should put parking meters in front of schools. I don’t drive and it doesn’t affect me directly but persons might make a sacrifice to catch a taxi, just to boycott the system.’








Carol Sooba, Justice of the Peace and former Town Clerk

‘I called one of the officers of the constabulary cause I wanted to know what law they will apply if people refuse to pay, whether they have a comment or issues. I don’t know why they are only benefitting from 20%. I know the laws that City Hall manage and control all of the spaces in the city. They should have bargained for a better percentage.

City Hall is not an autonomous body, but I would let the legal people who are more qualified than me to say to us what it is.

However, It is yet to be seen if persons will use the parking meters. I have not used it since I have drivers to take me places. I have some issues but it was a bad move, the way they did it was bad.’





John Kissoon, Salesperson

`Thursday was the first day I have paid for parking; I think the pricing is reasonable and it’s all about convenience, and it now makes it easier to find a good parking space. I do not have a problem with where the parking meters are placed I think its ok. In all, the meters are very convenient.’








Adrian Cush, Office Clerk

`I have bought my card and I’m paying for my parking. I don’t know if the card  has an expiry date but I guess it expires when the money is finished. The meters are easy to use and it is very user friendly.  I think they placed the meters in good places. I don’t have a problem with that.

I haven’t felt the price as yet on my pocket since I’m trying it now to see how it works. Now in everything you do you need to be more efficient in whatever you are doing, you can no longer waste time doing things when you know you have to pay for parking;  you do it faster and you would find that you spend less in parking. I think the system is a very good system put in place and I think it will help to increase efficiency and effectiveness in whatever we do. ‘




Dexter Cyrus, Debt Collector

`To me the parking meter is really great for the job I am doing, it’s much better for me cause parking is a main priority for my job.

The locations that I have to go to, when you go you have to park far away then have to walk to and from your destination which is not good in terms of security reasons.

Now when I pull up to a business i just park, pay and go in, that is just my point of view.

The cost is ok, others may find a problem with it but I don’t have to pay for parking since my company looks after that aspect. In terms of user interface, it’s easy to work with.’


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