Main suspect held over death of Williamsburg man

-second person being sought

Police have arrested the main suspect in the death of Williamsburg, Corentyne villager Mohan Ball, whose body was found in a trench with marks of violence on December 29.

Commander of ‘B’ Division Ian Amsterdam told Stabroek News that the suspect was arrested in the Albion sometime yesterday. He further said that the police are on the hunt for a second suspect and stressed that his ranks will work diligently to ensure the arrest.

Mohan Ball

The body of Ball, 49, was found with several marks of violence in a trench in the Williamsburg backlands.

A post-mortem examination which was conducted on Ball’s body was unable to determine the cause of his death. According to his relatives, the autopsy revealed that Ball suffered from a heart condition and also that water was in his lungs. The relative said they were told that the visible injuries on his body could not have caused him to die.

Ball’s sister, Raywattie Fraser, told Stabroek News that her brother had several black and blue marks across his back and other parts of his body.

Fraser relayed that villagers informed her that her brother was drinking with two men, who allegedly started to beat him and “drag him on the road.” Fraser said, “… Them like beat people with cutlass and so. That bai always a beat people.”

She said that while rushing to the scene, she saw one of the accused, with wet clothes, riding away.

According to Fraser, Ball, who was a domestic worker, resided in Williamsburg, but did not have a permanent address. He lived, “here and there. He stay with people in the village, who he a work with,” she added.

Ball was the father of four daughters.

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