Bish Panday resigns as Chairman of NCN

After having served for just over a year, the Chairman of NCN, Bish Panday has resigned effective December 31st, 2016, sources say.

Panday, an insurance broker was appointed to the post in September 2015.

Sources say that Panday believes that the job requires someone who can dedicate more time to it.

Bish Panday

Over the last year, NCN has faced a number of controversies including its non-use of satellite uplink equipment while paying a private provider for this service; the hiring of the NCN CEO, Lennox Cornette; the writing off of debts to several persons and the removal of an anchor because of her pregnancy.

When he was appointed in 2015, Panday told Stabroek News he would endeavour to ensure that as Chairman of NCN the entity would be self-sufficient. “I will try to run it in a cost-effective manner, so that it won’t be a burden on the treasury,” he said.

He contended that the populace would get value for taxes as there would be accountability. “NCN is owned by the State and as such should reflect the views of the government, while at the same time ensuring a wide spectrum of news and views is also covered,” he said.

“Don’t believe that because it is a state entity employees won’t be able to do a professional job. Whatever entity, the aim is to do a professional job,” he added.

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