PPP wants repeal of ban on used tires

The PPP says it stands in solidarity with the hundreds of businessmen and thousands of ordinary Guyanese who are being devastated by the “unreasonable and unnecessary decision to ban the importation of used tires”, the party said in a statement today,

“Businesses engaged in the sale of used tires across the country are closing their operations, thereby, putting large numbers of persons out of employment and placing them and their families on the bread line. Thousands of owners of vehicles cannot afford to buy new tires and are forced to resort to the purchase of used tires to keep their vehicles driving. These include taxis and minibus operators. If these drivers are forced to park their vehicles many persons will be without a job and the impact it will have on the cost of public transportation will be massive and will affect thousands of Guyanese.

“In the circumstances, we call upon the Government to reverse the decision banning the importation of used tires, immediately, and to review the ban on vehicles that are eight (8) years and older, as well. This measure has deprived the ordinary working people of an opportunity to own a vehicle”, the party said.

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