Region Eight villages hit by heavy flooding

-house washed away

One day of heavy rainfall in Region Eight has caused several villages to be affected by flash flooding and has forced scores of residents to seek refuge on higher ground.
Stabroek News was able to contact Edward McGarrell, Toshao of Chenapau Village, one of the communities affected, who related that though the rains have stopped, the water continues to rise.
So far, one house has been washed away while several others are close to being submerged.
The Ministry of the Presidency in a statement issued last evening said, “The Government of Guyana through the Civil Defence Commission (CDC), the Guyana Police Force and the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) are actively assessing the sudden incidence of flooding in Kaibarupai, Sand Hill and Waipa in Potaro-Siparuni (Region Eight), even as a coordinated disaster response is being put in place. More than 30 persons, who were trained by the CDC in Disaster Risk Reduction are present in the region and have been called upon to render assistance while the CDC has contacted and asked the regional officials and members of the joint services to conduct an assessment in the affected areas.”

The flash flood caused one house to be washed away in Chenapau Village, Region 8. Photos courtesy of Edward McGarrell

This resident, like many others, was trying to save whatever he could from the floodwaters. Photo courtesy of Edward McGarrell

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