`Days Like Dese’ sitcom launched

`Days Like Dese’, a 30-minute sitcom was launched yesterday morning in the boardroom of the Institute of Private Enterprise Development (IPED), according to a press release from GEMS Theatre Productions.

The new sitcom is presented by GEMS Theatre Productions in collaboration with IPED’s support for the Creative Industries.

‘Days Like Dese’ is a 30-minute sitcom that delves into the daily lives of a diverse ‘socially responsible’ middle class Guyanese family, the Rupauls. The release said that the sitcom inspects and highlights the intricacies of family and community interactions through “blurred racial and social lens”.

From left are Nurriyyih Gerrard, Kirk Jardine, Gem Madhoo-Nascimento, Ramesh Persaud from IPED and Randolph Critchlow. (GEMS Theatre Productions photo)

The sitcom through its intentionally diverse and mixed cast  intends to remind of “how connected we really are as Guyanese”, the release said. It added  that the Rupaul family exists not only in a racial blender but a social and generational one; as we get to see how the youth and the older folks try and sometimes struggle to bridge the generational and social gaps.

The sitcom is written by Randolph Critchlow, Theme song (lyrics)- Kwasi ‘Ace’ Edmondson and Music by Joel Brown. It is directed by Randolph Critchlow & Gem Madhoo-Nascimento and produced by Gem Madhoo-Nascimento

The actors are Nurriyyih Gerrard, Mark Luke-Edwards, Ron Robinson, Lavonne George, Simone Dowding, Kirk Jardine, Shevon Henry, Rajan Tiwari, Simone Persaud, Makayah Smith, Safira Abrahim-Williams, Kailey Liverpool, Brian Goodman & Olivia Rodrigues

It will be aired TVG28 – Sunday 28th May at 17.30hours.   & Monday 29th May at 18.30hours

And on NCN11- Tuesday 30th May at 19.00hours and   Wednesday 31st May at 17.30hours.

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