Contractor charged with killing cricket coach in D’Urban and Smyth sts collision

A building contractor was yesterday remanded to prison after he was charged with the D’Urban and Smyth streets accident that claimed the life of cricket coach Daniel Richmond and left another person clinging on to life.

Elton Carter, of 50 ‘CC’ Eccles, East Bank Deme-rara, was read a charge by Magistrate Judy Latchman which stated that on May 21, at Smyth Street, Georgetown, he drove motor pickup GRR 8350 in a manner dangerous to the public, thereby causing the death of Richmond.

Subsequent to the charge being read, Police Prosecutor Inspector Shellon Daniels requested that the Administration of Justice Act (AJA) not be applied and the defendant not be allowed to plead since there is another passenger hospitalised in a critical condition.

Daniel Richmond

Attorney Stanley Moore, who represented Carter, requested that his client be granted his release on reasonable bail. According to the attorney, the man is the owner of the pickup but he was a passenger and not the driver at the time of the accident.

Moore argued that his client ought to be granted bail since he has significant ties to the community and has been cooperating with the police.

However, Prosecutor Daniels challenged the lawyer’s claim and told the court that Carter would be a flight risk and that he had thus far not been cooperating with investigators.

In objecting to bail being granted to the accused, Daniels noted that he first told the police that he was the driver of the pickup. Days later, however, during another visit by the police, Carter changed his story and stated that a woman was driving the vehicle. When asked by the police for the woman’s name, address and other relevant information, Daniels stated that Carter refused to give the information to the police.

Elton Carter

Additionally, the prosecutor noted that he has also been uncooperative in investigations by failing to assist in providing information in relation to the point of impact of the accident.

Daniels further pointed out that Carter has pending matters before Magistrate Renita Singh that stem from the accident. These charges were: failing to produce a driver’s licence, not being in possession of a driver’s licence and driving an uninsured vehicle. She also once more highlighted the fact that a victim of the accident is currently in a critical condition in the hospital.

As a result of the prosecutor’s objections, Magis-trate Latchman refused bail and remanded Carter to prison until June 1, when another hearing is scheduled.

Commander of ‘A’ Division Marlon Chapman previously told Stabroek News that the police were investigating the claim that a second person who was in the pickup was the driver.

The accident occurred as minibus BVV 5273, which was driven by Osafo Edghill, was travelling east along D’Urban Street when the pickup, GRR 8350, which was proceeding south on Smyth Street, crashed into it.

As a result of the impact, eyewitnesses said the minibus toppled and the pickup slammed into a car, PLL 4474, which was parked in front of the Classique Sports Bar.

Nathan Eversely, an injured passenger of the minibus, told Stabroek News that from the time they left the park the driver of the minibus was driving at a moderate speed. He explained that from where he was sitting in the bus, he noticed the pickup travelling at a fast rate from Brickdam heading south. Eversely said the driver of the pickup “didn’t even hit no brakes, he fly straight into the bus.” (Oliceia Tinnie)

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