SOL Guyana launches new Fuel Save Gasoline and Diesel

Attendees at the launch of Shell FuelSave Gasoline and Diesel (DPI/GINA photo)

Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin, was the keynote speaker at the launch of SOL Guyana Shell FuelSave at the Marriott Hotel on Thursday evening.

DPI/GINA said that Gaskin spoke to several issues including the need for businesses to constantly improve, investing in research and development, and the importance of authorized distributorship.

Gaskin  said: “For consumers it’s good to have choices and businesses must provide those choices. In business we must seek to constantly improve – what we do, as well as the quality of whatever product or service we provide. And it is through this constant quest for improvement on the part of businesses that even consumers of fairly standard products, like paint or gas, are provided with precisely formulated new varieties to suit their requirements or preferences.”

Outgoing General Manager of SOL Guyana Incorporated, Orlando Boxhill in his remarks said that SOL Guyana’s objective is to offer quality petroleum products and energy solutions.

He added that the company will ensure that Guyanese motorists reap the benefits of fuel economy and engine maintenance available through Shell FuelSave Gasoline and Diesel, DPI/GINA said.

Incoming General Manager of SOL Guyana Incorporated Liz Wyatt, said that the product’s launch is another tangible demonstration of the company’s determination to ensure that Guyanese motorists benefit from the best available fuel technologies.

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