Billion-dollar bids from ANSA, New GPC for emergency health supplies

Two billion-dollar bids were opened yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB) for the acquisition of emergency pharmaceutical supplies for Regional Health Services under the Ministry of Public Health.

Huge bids were also opened for sea defence work.

The companies and their bids are as follows:

Procurement of Ambulances

Ministry of the Presidency

Expansion of the Office of the Prime Minister

Construction of Kitchen Above Cabinet Roof, Building A, Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Bourda,

Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Sea and River Defence

Resilience Project

Lot 1-Site 1- Johanna Cecelia/Zorg, Essequibo Coast, Region 2 Site 2-Success, Leguan Island, Region 3, Site 3-Endeavour/Blenheim, Leguan Island, Region 3.

Regional Democratic Council Region 6

Construction of Maternity Ward at the New Amsterdam Hospital Compound

Rehabilitation of Main Street, East Canje, Berbice

Regional Democratic Council Region Two

Construction of Liberty Primary School, Liberty Lower Pomeroon River

Extension of Charity Secondary School, Charity, Essequibo Coast, Region 2

Extension of Kabakaburi Primary School, Kabakaburi Upper Pomeroon RiverMinistry of Public Infrastructure

Supply of 7500 Tons of Asphaltic Concrete for East Bank Berbice Road Project

Ministry of Public Security- CSSP

The Remodelling and Rehabilitation of Police Stations, Annai and Aishalton

The Remodelling and Rehabilitation of Police Stations at  Port Kaituma, Mabaruma, Suddie, Aurora and Issano

The Remodelling and Rehabilitation of Police Stations at La Grange, Cane Grove and Mibicuri

The Remodelling and Rehabilitation of Police Stations at Kwakwani and MacKenzie

Regional Democratic Council Region Seven

Construction of CT Scan Building at Bartica Hospital Compound, Bartica, Cuyuni/ Mazaruni, Region Seven

Ministry of Agriculture

Consultancy Services for Design and Supervision Services for Agriculture Centre, Lethem

Ministry of Agriculture- GMC

Procurement for the Supply, Delivery, Installation and Testing and Commissioning of a Complete Vertical Form, Fill and Seal Packaging Line with Printer for the Agro-processing Demonstration Facility, Region 3

Office of the Prime Minister

Procurement of Specialized Consultancy Services Installation and testing of Equipment for

Lot 1: Aishalton Radio Station

Lot 2: Orealla Radio Station

Ministry of Business

Construction Services the Business Incubator Centre, Phase I

Guyana Power and Light

Consultancy Services to Provide System Planning and SCADA Services to GPL

Ministry of Public Security

Procurement of Equipment, Guyana Police Force

Procurement of Community Policing Uniforms

Procurement of IT Equipment, Juvenile Holding Centre, Guyana Prison Service

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