The court this afternoon ruled that former New Building Society (NBS) Chief Executive Officer Maurice Arjoon was wrongfully dismissed ten years ago, and is entitled to all benefits owing to him from the NBS.

Maurice Arjoon

A computation of damages will be made by Justice Brassington Reynolds tomorrow.

Arjoon, Kent Vincent and Kissoon Baldeo, all senior staffers at the NBS, had been dismissed and charged in connection with a multi-million-dollar fraud in June 2007.

Vincent and Baldeo were freed of all charges by former acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on October 12, 2011, while charges against Arjoon were dismissed in November 2010.

Arjoon had taken his case to the Ombudsman who found that he had been wrongfully charged. He had also filed suit against the NBS.

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