Murder case witness discharged from hospital after suspected poisoning

The witness in the murder case of Number 70 Village carpenter, Faiyaz Narinedatt who was hospitalised with suspected poisoning, has been discharged from the hospital.

The witness’ mother told Stabroek News last night that her son had been discharged from a private city hospital on Monday. However, he is expected to return for a checkup within 14 days, the mother said. She noted that at that time doctors will be able to update the family with the results of the tests conducted, and confirm whether indeed he had been poisoned.

The worried mother said that at this stage her son can only consume liquids, as doctors have advised that he stays away from solids.

Last Thursday, his mother told Stabroek News that on Tuesday evening when her son returned home from the backdam, he informed her that he was feeling weak and began vomiting.

“He fall down and then we try take he upstairs to lay down,” she had relayed. The woman stated that she did not pay much heed since she thought her son was probably tired from working and needed time to rest to get better. However, on Wednesday, after the lad began vomiting repeatedly, she rushed him to the hospital where he was immediately admitted.

According to the mother, her son informed her that on the Tuesday afternoon, the man he works with, had offered him some fried rice which he had accepted and eaten. The lad told her that that was the last thing he had eaten, after which he had begun feeling weak and upset.

Police are still investigating the matter.

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