Ten still on the run

Up to press time last night 10 “hardcore” prisoners remain on the run.

These prisoners include the four who remain at large following their chilling breakout from the Camp Street jail on July 9 as well as six who had tunneled out of a holding area on Monday.

The Wanted Fugitives

Bartica massacre convict Mark Royden Williams, Stafrei Alexander, Uree Varswyck and Cobena Stephens walked out of the Camp Street Jail while it burned and 16 days later the joint services have had no luck in locating them.

Clive Forde, Kerry Cromwell, Pascal Smith, Kendell Skeete, Paul Goriah and Shawn Harris along with seven other men escaped from the Lusignan Prison pasture early Monday morning, after digging a tunnel that took them under the fence and into the backlands. The 13 inmates, who included nine murder accused, were suspected to have fled the compound sometime between 1 am and 2.30 am during a heavy downpour.

They were subsequently identified as the six still missing and Tishan McKenzie, Winston Long, Odel Roberts, Jamal Forde, Jamal Joseph, Jason Howard and Rayon Jones. These seven were returned to custody on Monday evening.

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