Campbellville man says drug charge trumped up

Sporting an unusual hairstyle, Campbellville resident Milton Griffith yesterday told a city court that the police arrested him in the middle of his haircut on a trumped up drug charge.

Griffith, 33, was charged with having 19 grammes of cannabis in his possession on August 25, at Tucville Squatting area, for trafficking.

Although he denied the charge, the prosecution stated that the drugs were found in the crotch of Milton’s pants during a raid.

Griffith, however, stated that he was getting his hair cut when the police rounded up 15 men as well as him. He noted that he was searched by the police but nothing was found. Shortly after being searched, he added that the police went under a house and retrieved a parcel of cannabis and told him that it belonged to him.

Griffith told the court that the drugs did not belong to him and that he was cutting his hair to go out and party. Despite his explanation, he was later remanded to prison and the case was adjourned until September 18.

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