Fly Jamaica flight schedule almost back to normal

Fly Jamaica Airways, recently beset by a disruption of its flights, has managed to shuttle the majority of its passengers to their respective destinations.

A source from the airline, who did not want to be named, told Stabroek News that the majority of the passengers were transported to their destinations over the last four days, although a small number of passengers were left behind. However, efforts were being made to have those remaining passengers taken to their destinations on the impending flights.

As a result of the grounding of the airline’s aircraft for maintenance, all of the company’s operations had been affected. One of the planes resumed operations on Sunday and has been aiding in clearing the backlog.

Last week, many passengers, especially those travelling from George-town, Guyana to Toronto, Canada, showed up for their flights but were informed that they had been cancelled.

However, the source said that the airline has fully compensated passengers and put systems in place to take care of their needs.

The source said in some cases passengers were put up in hotels and provided meals while transportation was provided for some passengers to travel to and from the airport.

Those passengers who are still delayed were given the option to select the flight they would want to travel on.

In an effort to effectively clear up the airline’s flight backlog, it had chartered four planes to transport passengers to their destination.

Asked about the airline’s unresponsiveness to calls from customers, the source explained that in some cases it was unable to contact passengers who booked through travel agents and did not provide contact numbers. It was further explained that some passengers did not confirm their flight itinerary and as a result they only learnt of the delays when they arrived at the airport.

Additionally, the source said that because of the volume of calls to the airline, the call waiting feature rang out or in some cases registered as busy.

Due to the disruption of flights, several passengers who were vacationing were unable to return to work in time after their annual leave ended and they found themselves stuck in Guyana. On the airline’s Facebook page, passengers expressed anger at the airline since it did not offer any statement explaining the reason behind the delays and cancellation of flights.

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