Cops awaiting DPP’s advice on charges in fatal Moruca River collision

More than a month since a boat accident on the Moruca River claimed the lives of a father and son, no one has been charged yet as the police await advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

According to sources close to the investigation, a file on the case has been compiled by the police and was sent to the DPP’s office for advice. The file is yet to be returned to the police.

George Piper, 41, and his son, Ravin, 18, both farmers, were reportedly tossed out of their vessel after a collision at the mouth of the Moruca River, North West District at about 10 pm on July 14. Their bodies were recovered in the following days.

George Piper
Ravin Piper

At the time of the collision, the police said that the two were returning home from the Pomeroon River in a 17-ft vessel, captained by Uklana France of Father’s Beach, North West District, Region One, when a vessel owned by the Kumaka District Hospital collided with them.

As a result of the impact, the captain of the hospital vessel and four occupants were also hurled overboard.

However, no one has been charged as yet.

It was also revealed that none of the men that were on the private boat was wearing lifejackets, which is said to be customary for persons who live in the area despite urgings by the Maritime Administration Department.

Residents have explained that since “almost all” of the persons who use the private boats and who have been living in the area all their lives know how to swim, they do not see the need to wear life jackets.

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