Wakapoa youths in Arawak language, craft programme

The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports in collaboration with the Village Council of Wakapoa Community, Upper Pomeroon River is presently conducting a six-week training programme aimed at preserving the Amerindian Culture through art and craft and the Arawak language.

According to the Culture, Youth and Sport Officer of Region Two, Herald Alves, the programme which commenced on Tuesday last will benefit more than twenty-five youths from the village.

The training programme is titled  “Arawak language craft and culture revitalisation programme 2017,” and the youths are gaining training in art and craft work depicting the Amerindian culture, while some for the first time are being given the opportunity to learn the Arawak language.

“The Training Programme executes the Ministry’s will in extending its networking system within Amerindian communities in preserving … art and crafts and we know it will be successful,” Alves said.

Coordinator of the training team Ivan Cornelius said that the preservation of Amerindian culture is an issue of concern in the Arawak Village, thus the Ministry’s aim to educate youths.

“Most youths don’t have the knowledge about the craftwork because we see most elders taking up the work. I think that youths need to pick up the culture urgently and be proud of it. With this training we would bridge the divide by empowering youths with the knowledge from the older generation.”

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