Cop on trial for abusive language was over legal alcohol limit

-senior police testify

Two senior policemen yesterday testified that Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Frank Thompson, who is on trial for using abusive language to a junior rank investigating his involvement in a vehicular accident, had a breath alcohol content way above the legal limit on the very day.

This disclosure was made when Thompson’s trial continued yesterday before Magistrate Fabayo Azore in Georgetown.

It is alleged that Thompson, of 154 Stewartville, West Coast Demerara, used abusive language to Police Constable Leandre Gillis on February 22, at Broad Street, Georgetown.

Frank Thompson

When the trial resumed yesterday, neither Thompson nor his attorney, Dexter Todd, was present.

The prosecutor then made a request to proceed in their absence and it was granted by the magistrate.

Subsequently, ASP Fraser, who is stationed at the Brickdam Police Station as the second-in-command of the Traffic Department, took the stand.

ASP Fraser stated that on February 22, 2017, at about 2.55pm, he was in the office when he heard a noise outside and observed a man using a series of expletives. The ASP further stated that he went to the individual and warned him to desist. He later asked the shift supervisor why the man was at the station and was informed that he was there in connection with an accident. The shift supervisor also related to him that the man was an officer and that his name was Frank Thompson.

Shortly after, ASP Fraser continued, he received instructions from Senior Superintendent of Police Calvin Brutus, who was the Deputy Commander of ‘A’ Division at the time, to conduct a breathalyser test on the accused. ASP Fraser noted that he complied with the instructions and conducted the first test on the defendant around 3.20 pm and it found that he was 238.9 microgrammes of alcohol over the prescribed limit. A second test was then conducted 10 minutes later and it found that Thompson was 234.2 microgrammes of alcohol over the prescribed limit.

Both tests, according to the witness, were done in the presence of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Winter. At the conclusion of the two tests, he said Thompson was shown the results and he acknowledged it. The readings were then written and the defendant signed them, along with DSP Winter, who signed as a witness.

When asked by Police Prosecutor Kevon Bess if he brought the slip that was signed by the accused to court, ASP Fraser stated that he did not since the file it was placed in could not be located.

Meanwhile, subsequent to Fraser’s testimony, DSP Winter took the stand and related a similar account of the breathalyser testing.

Attorney Todd showed up sometime after the two officers would have testified and declined to cross-examine either of them.

He, however continued his cross-examination of Police Constable 23613 Nicholas Ingram, who previously testified that the accused did make use of abusive language to the complainant. The matter was then adjourned until October 13.



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