GWI provides first-time water access to Tucville Terrace

Managing Director of GWI, Dr Richard Van West-Charles; Chairperson of GWI’s Board of Directors, Patricia Chase-Green; other GWI officials and some of the residents of Tucville Terrace who now have access to running water. (GWI photo)

Residents of Tucville Terrace now have access to potable water in their homes following intervention by Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI).

According to a GWI press release, following the laying of new pipelines and installation of new service connections, Chair-person of GWI’s Board of Directors and Georgetown Mayor, Patricia Chase-Green, Managing Director Richard Van West-Charles and other GWI officials visited the area on September 23 to take a look at the work done and speak with the beneficiaries.

The release stated that Van West-Charles noted that he was happy to intervene after being approached by Patricia Fraser, a village representative, some four months ago. He explained that although providing new service connection for the area was not in the making, the decision was made to invest resources to make it happen.

The Managing Director commended Fraser for the bold step in approaching GWI and encouraged the residents to cooperate with each other with the aim of improving the quality of life for their community.

Chase-Green encouraged them to take the next step to approach the Central Housing and Planning Authority to become regularised. She pledged to work with them in ensuring the village is equipped with the basic amenities by mean of the correct procedures, the release said.

According to the release, Fraser thanked West-Charles and the workers of GWI fulfilling their request promptly and relieving their prolonged burden of having to depend on the rain or fetch water from far distances. “I thank Dr Van West-Charles that when I make the approach that he listened and then he called Mr Pearson and I would thank all of them because they give us they promise and they never fall down on it,” the release quoted her as saying.

The release also quoted several other residents who expressed their gratitude at having access to running water for the first time.

“I feel very good to be getting water after so many years and I glad that this could put in place, instead you got to deh thieving water wand these sort of things, you pay for it,” said Linden Adams, who is a member of a family of five.

Forty-four year old Mr Terrence noted,” I living here for the past 25 years…it was a good step that GWI made because this is what we been needing, because we are people, not because they call the land squatting.”

Another resident, Abena Lyken who has been living in Tucville Terrace for some 19 years said, “This is the first time we getting legal water and to me it’s the best thing. Sometimes we used to rely on the rain ‘cause not every time you want go at people place to get water.”





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