Berbice cops probe flogging at private school after teen returns home with bloody shirt

The headmaster of the Berbice Islamic School has been accused of flogging one of his students, who eventually had to seek medical attention at the Port Mourant Public Hospital.

The student’s guardian told Stabroek News that the 13-year-old returned home from school around 1.30 pm on Monday with blood on his shirt. The Form One student then reported to his family that the headmaster flogged him with a whip about his body.

The incident was reported to the Whim Police Station and Stabroek News was told that an investigation has since been launched.

Stabroek News visited the school yesterday in an effort to speak with the headmaster but he said he would not speak with media.

At the time of this newspaper’s visit, an inspector of police and another rank were present at the school.

The child, in the presence of his guardian, explained to this newspaper that the headmaster teaches mathematics at the school and it was during his class that he was beaten with a wild cane.

He recounted that before the class started, he loaned his notebook to a friend who did not understand the home work. However, the student said the teacher entered the class and noticed his friend copying from his book. As a result, the teacher reportedly threw the book out of the classroom. The student said he questioned the teacher’s reason for his action but the man did not give him reason. Instead, he noted, the teacher then brought out his “wild cane” and requested to see his notebook. “I tell he: ‘How can I show you my homework when you throw my book outside?’” The student said his statement led the teacher to hit him about his body.  “I bar with my hand so he can’t lash my face,” he said.

He said he later returned home and informed his guardian of what had happened.

The teen also noted that he and other students have been beaten with the ‘wild cane’ before.

The teen’s guardian told Stabroek News that the boy has an infection on his back, for which he was being treated by a doctor. However, due to the flogging, the infected area began to bleed and the teen is experiencing more pain, for which he was treated at the Port Mourant Hospital.

According to the guardian, the boy is now scared to return to school. The man noted that due to the incident the child’s mother is returning to the country and the family will have to sit and discuss how to move forward.

He further said that the family is keeping a close eye on the teen, who seemed quiet and sad after the incident.

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