Accommodation identified for hurricane evacuees with no relatives here


Accommodation has been identified for those Guyanese nationals being evacuated from hurricane-ravaged islands but who have no relatives living here, according to Minister of State Joseph Harmon, who yesterday assured that government will give the necessary support to all persons who will be returning home in the coming days.

Harmon provided an update on the relief as well as evacuation efforts, during a post-Cabinet press briefing.

Jags Aviation Incorporated, Roraima Airways, Fly Jamaica Airways, Air Services Limited and Hopkinson Mining Aviation will be flying 80 plus Guyanese home as part of relief efforts.

Asked what housing and financial support will be given to those returning Guyanese with no relatives here, Harmon said the situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis. He said government has been able to determine that a large amount of those returning have relatives here.

Harmon explained that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Citizenship are working to find places for those with no relatives here. According to him, in these cases, government “will we be dealing with providing facilities. These facilities… are basically at the Hugo Chavez Centre as well as there are some facilities that are provided by the Guyana Relief Council.”

Harmon was unable to say what would be the cost of the fuel and landing fees for the planes that would be used to transport the Guyanese. He said that most of the aircraft owners were generous and it was agreed that in cases where they are unable to meet certain financial obligations, government will assist. He added that government has approached several oil companies to assist in the evacuation efforts.

“Once we have completed that exercise, the balance of money that needs to be found, we are going to utilise the contributions made by Guyanese citizens to the Civil Defence Commis-sion,” he said.

Meanwhile, Harmon announced that Bulkan Timber Works has packed a container of dressed lumber for Dominica. This, he said, will kick start the second phase of the government’s assistance.

He indicated that a number of companies have already indicated their intention to supply lumber for rebuilding efforts.

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