GPL workers cleared of attempted theft charge after accuser drops complaint

Three Guyana Power and Light Company Inc (GPL) employees, who were charged in April with attempting to steal money from a customer, were cleared of the crime yesterday after the complainant dropped the case.

Quincy McKenzie, Garfield O’Neil, and Alicia Steele were jointly charged with demanding $40,000 from Mitra Persaud on April 7, at William and Queen streets, Kitty, with intent to steal.

Alicia Steele

McKenzie was also read a second charge, which stated that on April 10, at William Street, Kitty, he obtained $65,000 from Persaud by pretending that he was in the position to install a GPL meter.

During the continuation of the matter before Magistrate Leron Daly, Persaud, who had already started to testify in the matter, told the court that he no longer wished to offer evidence against the accused.

Quincy McKenzie

An application was subsequently made by the prosecutor to have the complainant give sworn evidence.

Subsequently, Persaud, when asked by the

Garfield O’Neil

prosecutor if the evidence he previously gave to the court was untrue, indicated under oath that he no longer wished to proceed with the matter.

As a result, the charges were all dismissed.

Persaud was then ordered to pay court costs for wasting the court’s time.

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