Chris Ram quits gov’t-related posts


Chartered Accountant and lawyer Christopher Ram today followed the example of Major General (Rtd) Joe Singh and quit government-related posts.

A statement from Ram follows:

In support of the heroic and exemplary decision by Major General (Ret’d) Joe Singh to resign from all government-related posts, I am today informing the Attorney General Mr. Basil Williams of my withdrawal from membership of the planning committee and de facto leader of the Guyana negotiating team for the establishment of the JOF Haynes Law School. If the truth be told, Mr. Williams has been so impressed with my contribution that he asked for my CV to recommend me for a National Award. I declined, saying my service was for country, for neither award nor reward.

Given that the Constitution deems me a fit and proper person makes President Granger’s assessment of me of no import. Indeed, I am fortified in my conviction that his decision is entirely wrong and unconstitutional.

While I remain committed to serving my country, I make the clear distinction between Guyana and the Government. The blatant disregard by the Granger Administration for the Constitution, the courts, the principles of good governance and for social cohesion, is a matter which should be of grave concern to all of us who claim respect and love of country.



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