Cop found guilty of abusing junior rank, fined $15,000

Frank Thompson, the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) who was on trial for using abusive language to a junior rank investigating him, was yesterday found guilty of the crime and was fined $15,000 by a city magistrate.

Thompson was charged with using abusive language to Police Constable Leandre Gillis on February 22, at Broad Street, Georgetown. Magistrate Fabayo Azore found Thompson guilty at the conclusion of his trial.

While the prosecutor called several witness, the court focused on the evidence of Gillis. The court heard that when a prima facie case was made out against the accused, he opted to give sworn evidence and called no witnesses.

Frank Thompson

Based on the evidence presented, there were words that were used by the accused that could be considered as threatening, according to the magistrate, but she noted that the accused was not charged with threatening language.

The magistrate further noted that during his evidence Thompson failed to state that he was subjected to a breathalyser test and made it seem as though it never happened. She stated that the defendant was in the habit of leaving out evidence and that the court did not accept certain portions of his testimony.

It was further noted that the prosecutor’s witnesses were credible, and that the prosecution’s case was also credible and therefore it had proved its case against the accused.

Upon these grounds, Thompson was declared to be guilty of the crime.

In mitigation, attorney Dexter Todd, who represented Thompson, told the court that there was no harm done to the complainant and that the matter was not thoroughly investigated. He then requested that the minimum fine be imposed on his client if he was not granted the privilege of being let off with a warning.

Magistrate Azore subsequently fined Thompson $15,000, with a default sentence of seven days in jail if he cannot pay the fine.

Attorney Todd requested that his client be granted a week to pay off his fine since he would not have been able to have someone bring the money to the court. The request was eventually granted by the magistrate. However, instead of a week, Thompson was granted until today to pay the fine.

Todd also indicated to the court his intention of appealing the ruling.

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