[Video] PPP/C MPs greet President’s speech with placards, chants

Members of the PPP/C this afternoon pulled out placards as President David Granger stood up to address the National Assembly and proceeded to heckle him as he spoke.

The President’s speech could not be heard above the din as the opposition MPs launched into various chants.

‘Jobs for youths’, ‘Billions squandered’, No Aspirins available’, ‘Unilateral GECOM appointment’ and ‘Boom out Granger #untrustworthy’ read some of the cards written in red, black and green on white cards.

Speaker Dr. Barton Scotland hit his gavel on a number of occasions to no effect.

“Story telling time”, “Same speech” and “What about respect for the constitution ” were some of the heckles from the PPP/C members even as Government members at times thumped their tables at times in support of the President.

The President continued to march on with his speech even as Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo could be heard over his members asking “What about GECOM?” and loudly saying “Untrustworthy.”

It was widely expected that the PPP/C members would have walked out after their declaration of non co-operation following the President’s unilateral appointment of retired Justice James Patterson, who was also in attendance at Parliament, as GECOM’s Chairman.

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