No bail for multiple robbery accused faced with new charge

Antonio Maraj

Armed robbery accused Antonio Maraj was yesterday remanded to a prison by a city magistrate after the court heard that he had four similar cases pending.

Maraj was arraigned before Magistrate Leron Daly on the charge that on November 2, at D’Urban Backlands, while armed with a gun, he robbed Wes Matthews of an iPhone, valued at $65,500, a $5,000 wallet, and $5,000 cash.

Maraj pleaded not guilty to the charge but his prospects for bail were slim after the prosecutor told the court that he was positively identified by the complainant during an identification parade. The prosecutor also noted that Maraj was facing four other matters of a similar nature before the courts and would have allegedly committed the new offence while on bail.

Magistrate Daly subsequently remanded him to prison until November 24.

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