Christmas policing plan unveiled

Paul Williams

The Guyana Police Force yesterday unveiled its plan for the upcoming Christmas season, which aims at providing a safe and secure environment for citizens, visitors, businesses and commuters during the holiday.

The plan will be activated from November 15 to January 15 and acting Crime Chief Paul Williams yesterday urged citizens to be extra vigilant during the season, while noting the increase in larceny on persons.

Williams urged members of the public to make use of the 911 emergency system and explained that resources will be specifically deployed to respond to these calls.

During his presentation on the plan yesterday morning, Commander of ‘A’ Division Marlon Chapman said that in light of the heightening of activities during the season, ‘A’ Division (Georgetown/ East Bank Demerara) will be divided into six sectors. Each sector will be commanded by an Assistant Superintendent, assisted by an Inspector and sufficient ranks. In each sector, there will be an increase in operations by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Intel Unit around the banks as well as increased patrols around key areas, such as the prisons and nightspots, the intensification of road blocks, and a focus on noise nuisance.

There will also be social prevention interventions, such as crime tips, so as to alert citizens how to conduct business in a safe manner.

Meanwhile, Williams also said that despite many challenges, there have been many successes in solving crimes throughout the year.

He said the police force has recorded a decrease in serious crimes thus far for the year.

He also noted that over 400 kilos of cannabis were seized throughout the year and that the figure surpasses the previous five years. He credited the achievement to intense operations, road blocks and stop and searches.

He also noted that a total of 29 firearms were also seized.

Also speaking was Traffic Chief Dion Moore, who reported that there has been a decrease in accidents for the year in all the categories.

To ensure the smooth flow of traffic, he said ranks will be placed to direct traffic despite the traffic lights.

The Traffic Department, he added, will also be monitoring for speeding and driving under the influence and tow trucks will be on stand-by in cases of breaches in traffic laws.

Moore said that road works are ongoing for the roads that are not properly lit and he also advised that goods be transported in the evenings in an effort to ease road congestion.


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