Intoxicated Canje woman sets house on fire

The remains of the dwelling

An intoxicated Canje woman yesterday completely destroyed her one-flat wooden house after she set in on fire sometime around 1 pm.

According to neighbours, the woman, Jem Rosamond Cadogan, of Lot 18 Adelphi Village, East Canje, who would imbibe on a regular basis, yesterday attempted three times to set her house on fire. However, she was successful on the last attempt, after neighbours decided not to pay much attention to her.

One neighbour, Desiree said, “The first time for today me and me son out it, and then the second time a boy come and out it, and then she go in she house and lock the door”, the neighbour said. She added, “She go in and lock the door and deh, but then is like she throw the thing in a barrel and it start smoke, …I ask she if she light the house a fire, she said, ‘No,’ but afterwards we see the whole house ah blaze,” the woman relayed.

Residents at this time formed a bucket brigade in order to out the fire and prevent it from spreading to the neighbouring houses. While the residents were successful in putting out the fire,  Cadogan’s entire house, with all of her belongings, was destroyed in the blaze.

Residents noted that the woman, who imbibes and “smokes” daily, refused to tell residents why she wanted to destroy the house, although she was questioned several times.

After the fire, Cadogan, who had resided all her life at the house she had destroyed, was detained at the Reliance Police Station.

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