Linden MP cleared of noise nuisance charge

Jermaine Figueira

The charge against APNU+AFC Region Ten Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira for the offence of playing music at a public event without a permit has been dismissed.

It is understood that the presiding magistrate found that the case brought against Figueira failed to prove it was he who kept the promotion and was responsible for the music being played.

Meanwhile, in a comment, Figueira said he was pleased with the fact that the matter is now behind him and he can get back to his responsibility of serving the people within his constituency in the best way he can.

It had been alleged that Figueira held an event on June 24 in Wismar, Linden but allegedly failed to get the required permission from the police. He also allegedly failed to obtain the necessary licence from the magistrate before proceeding to hold the event.

Figueira had pleaded not guilty to the charges and was later released on his own recognisance.

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