‘Give my regards to Jagdeo,’ PM tells Berbice protesters

A day after over 400 Rose Hall Estate workers received letters of termination, People’s Progressive Party/Civic regional officials along with supporters on Thursday protested against Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo during his visit to the Auchlyne Primary School on the Corentyne.

Nagamootoo, while leaving the school, waved a small Guyana flag at the protesters and told them, “Give Jagdeo my regards,” referring to Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo.

Nagamootoo visited the Auchlyne Primary School, which he attended, to celebrate his 70th birthday.

Zamal Hussain, PPP/C Regional Supervisor, said that for “the betterment of the working people” they will continue to protest against the Prime Minister, the President and ministers when they visit the region. Hussain added that the protest was held to remind Nagamootoo of his promise to fight for the sugar workers. “Two years ago at Whim, he (Nagamootoo) said sugar was too big to fail and he had the solution to ensure that the industry becomes profitable again,” he charged.

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo waving at the protesters

He added that Nagamootoo should focus more on working towards the betterment of the sugar workers instead of “coming for ceremonies for himself.”

The Prime Minister, during his speech to the gathering at the school, spoke of the importance of education. He also displayed several books he has written. He also donated a photocopying machine, exercise books, crayons and teaching aids among other items to the school.

Nagamootoo also announced the donation of five laptop computers from Minister of Public Telecommunications, Cathy Hughes. He said that Minister Hughes has promised to work towards making Auchlyne Primary the first primary with a WiFi connection. During his speech, the Prime Minister took a jab at a placard carried by Jagdeo in Parliament last month, telling the students to never spell the word divide as “devide.”

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