10 mobile police outposts donated for New Amsterdam

The Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association last Thursday handed over 10 mobile outposts, valued in total at $1 million, to the ‘B’ Division leadership of the Guyana Police Force for placement throughout New Amsterdam, Berbice.

The donation was made at a simple handing over ceremony at the Hand-in-Hand branch office in New Amsterdam, where a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the ‘B’ Division leadership, the New Amsterdam Town Council and the Berbice Chamber for joint coordination as it relates to the placement of the booths.

Ryan Alexander, President of the Berbice Chamber, noted that the project was a success due to the financial support of business persons in and around New Amsterdam. He said, “We suggested to the business community that something be put in place for the police who are left to the elements of the weather when they are doing their job.” He added, “We thought it wise to venture into this type of project because it will not serve for the Christmas season alone but any other season throughout the year.”

Some of the donated mobile police outposts, which will be placed throughout New Amsterdam

Alexander stressed that the mobile outposts will be placed at strategic commercial areas within the township. Four of them will be placed along the main roads of New Amsterdam: Pitt Street, Trinity Street, New Street and Kent Street. Two will be placed along one of the busiest commercial locations within the town, which is near the Scotia Bank and GTM area at Waterside, New Amsterdam. One will also be placed at Smithfield and Winkle junction; another at Republic Road; and another at Pope Street.

The mobile outposts, which have seating, also display emergency contact numbers for the police, the fire service and the town’s hospital.

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