Williamsburg labourer kills wife, commits suicide

A Williamsburg, Corentyne labourer last evening stabbed his common law wife to death then killed himself in the house they occupied for several years now.

Police were summoned to the scene last evening at Lot 26 Third Street, Williamsburg, Corentyne where they discovered Indrawattie Totaram, also known as “Indra”, 40, employed at a Corentyne gas station with stab wounds about her body. Police also discovered, her husband Krishna Latchman, also known as “Jukse”, 36, a labourer at Albion Estate hanging from the roof.

Krishna Latchman’s body being removed

A police source said that the woman’s body bore two visible stab wounds, while the man’s body bore one visible stab wound somewhere along the lower region of his back, leading to speculation that the duo were engaged in an argument which became physical.

The source noted that the suspected murder weapon, a knife was discovered in close proximity to Totaram’s body which was found on a mattress on the floor.

Indrawattie Totaram’s body being removed

Meanwhile, according to a relative, Shazad Rahaman, 42, the family received the message around 7 pm. Rahaman explained, that usually on Sundays the duo attends the Port Mourant Hindu Temple together. However, after they did not hear anything from the woman yesterday, a relative who resides in the same street decided to investigate, after which the discovery was made and the police were then summoned.

According to information received, Totaram sometime ago had left Latchman. Residents said she returned home some two days ago. Totaram was a mother of one daughter. Residents and friends gathered at the scene spoke kindly about both persons. Some stressed that Latchman was very helpful.

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