Region One to get second radio station

Richard Allen

Region One (Barima-Waini) will receive its second radio station with the introduction of Radio Moruca in 2018, according to APNU+AFC parliamentarian Richard Allen.

The station is among the major plans highlighted for the development of the region in the 2018 national budget.

Apart from the addition of Radio Moruca, Allen noted last Tuesday in parliament that a solar farm that has been established in Mabaruma will be completed with funding from the budget.

Plans are also in the pipelines for the construction of a bridge to replace the San Jose Bridge in Moruca—which according to Allen has been the centre of complaints for a number of years; a wharf; and for the completion of the Baramita airstrip.

“The Barima-Waini region will be seeing a passenger cargo ferry which will make life easier for the people traveling to and from the region…we will see the establishment of an electrical network in the Arakaka area… The Kumaka junction to the Main Road junction, Moruca, will be upgraded,” he further highlighted.

The newly-constructed Baramita nursery school is also expected to be furnished and ready for the new school term. There will also be the expansion of several schools in the region, including the North West Secondary, Santa Rosa Nursery and the Kamwatta Primary School.

In terms of the region’s health care services, Allen said residents can look forward to the completion of the Port Kaituma Hospital Complex, which will benefit over 9,000 persons as well as the completion of the doctor’s quarters at Port Kaituma.

Further, the reconstruction of the x-ray room and laboratory at the main health facility at Matthews Ridge and the construction of a mortuary at Baramita are also planned.

The rehabilitation works to be carried out on the Guyana Defence Force base at Morawhanna were also mentioned.

Allen further noted plans for the provision of potable water for the first time in 16 years for the community of Oronoque and an upgrade of the water supply throughout the three sub-regions.

Reflecting on the works done as a result of the last budget, Allen said that residents now have ease of access to key communities in the Mabaruma and Matarkai sub-regions as a result of the road works carried out this past year.

Additionally, he noted that Baramita now has a newly built nursery and primary school, the funding for which came from the 2017 budget. Further, Allen noted that children are now attending the Baramita Secondary School in their numbers for the first time. “We are not talking care, we are demonstrating to all Guyana that we will do and take you into that journey… The community of Baramita is well on its way to experiencing the good life,” he said.  

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