Drainage for avenues, other areas to be looked at – Town Clerk

Water had overtopped the drains and taken over most of the road at this section of Waterloo Street yesterday.

Efforts will be made in the New Year to address issues affecting the underground drainage channels in city avenues, says Town Clerk Royston King.

He was at the time addressing questions from the Sunday Stabroek regarding flooding in these parts of downtown Georgetown.

“All our pumps are up and they are working but during the times that residents are experiencing overtopping there is the coincidence of high tide and heavy rainfall. As a result of all of that you have overtopping of some areas,” King said.

“But even though we have not experienced heavy rain we noticed some overtopping in the Main Street area and that is because of a problem with the underground channels that we have to fix early (next) year. We have had overtopping in North and South Ruimveldt, parts of Meadow Brook, parts of Tucville, and parts of Festival City, because again there is major problems with the drainage work in that area,” he added.

A flooded Thomas Street yesterday.

When asked specifically about the avenues along Waterloo Street and East Street which are prone to flooding every time rain falls, King explained that those areas will also be looked at in the New Year.

“We have to fix those areas, they are pretty low particularly around the Waterloo Street area…It couldn’t be the responsibility of the council alone, all citizens have a role to play; they just have to play their role well,” he added.

In spite of such, the Town Clerk noted that individuals and their households also need to act more responsibly.

“After that you have some people who still are demonstrating high levels of indiscipline, they are still throwing garbage in the canals, in the street drains, their bridges are constructed wrong and all of those related matters and the fact that those things are impeding the free flow of water through these channels,” King said.

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