Son and sitter killed in T&T robbery

(Trinidad Express) A Malabar mother arrived home yesterday afternoon in anguish after learning that her son and his sitter had been murdered.

Veena Subar, the mother of murdered teenager Videsh Subar, had to be restrained as she arrived on the scene.

Veena Subar (second from right), moments after learning of the murder of her child.

Subar, an insurance company employee, screamed out for her son. She was consoled by her husband, Lennon Subar.

The couple had left their 13-year-old son in care of a neighbour, Rose Mohammed.

Mohammed, 56, and the schoolboy were found tied up and their throats slashed.

The incident happened at Mohammed’s home at Akim Baksh Trace, Malabar.

Police believe the motive for the killings was robbery. A Honda car and a television were missing.

The bodies were discovered by a neighbour who went to check on Mohammed at around noon.

Police said Mohammed’s vehicle was found abandoned in Wallerfield at around 2.15pm.

Relatives said the teen wrote the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination in May and was awaiting results.

He did not attend school yesterday.

Mohammed’s husband, Shariff Mohammed, also arrived on the scene in tears.

He was unable to say why anyone would want to harm his wife.


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