Flash floods in Port of Spain

(Trinidad Express) Two weeks ago, Port of Spain was spared by Tropical Storm Bret while much of the rest of Trinidad and Tobago suffered. But not yesterday.

It took about an hour of midday rainfall for flash floods to inundate parts of Port of Spain and surrounding hillside communities.

Social media users posted videos of floods waters rushing across Independence Square and Wrightson Road in Port of Spain, and through residential communities in Cascade and Belmont.

Mode Alive apologised to customers after street flooding and flooding inside the store’s Frederick Street, Port of Spain forced its closure.

Our capital city floods every rainy season, every year and pedestrians are made to suffer!” said owner Gary Aboud.

“After decades of energy wealth, we fail at even the simplest organised management and preparedness of basic recurring events like flash flooding and heavy rains”, said Aboud.

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