T&T president says only hearing fluff on crime problem

(Trinidad Guardian) President Anthony Carmona says it is only talk he is hearing after people are murdered in T&T.

He said so during Wednesday’s presentation of national scout youth awards at the Hotel Ballroom of NAPA, Port-of-Spain.

Awards were presented to more than 100 scouts.

In his address, he said he had been “to the funerals of so many murdered children in T&T and all I hear is talk, talk, talk and fluff, fluff, fluff.”

He said those things happen “when those who are responsible for ensuring the safety of our children are not doing as good a job as they should be doing , it comes down to you, our young people who will save the next generation to come because at the end of the day the future lies with you.”

Carmona said, “Sometimes when you feel a sense of hopelessness there are bolts of lightening, not from the adult population in T&T but from our young people.”

He said he had a conversation recently with the first placed pupil in the 2017 SEA exams, Lexi Balchan of the ASJA Primary School in Point Fortin.

He said: “Lexi gave me a sense of renewed hope in our young people.”

But Carmona also spoke about the climate change crisis that looms. He said citizens must take control of the crisis and fight against it.

He appealed to the scouts and young people “to push for more infrastructure development on a national level to save not only our heritage buildings but our legacy.”

He said two heritage projects, one known as Copper Hole, located on Monos Islands and the other at King’s Wharf in San Fernando.

Carmona said Copper Hole “has tragically been invaded by squatters and burnt down and not a single stone has been laid to restore it to its former glory.”

He said the project at King’s Wharf, San Fernando, “has been destroyed to give way to what is now the Water Taxi departure lounge in San Fernando.”

He called on the youths to “promote a culture which places greater emphasis on the preservation of our cultural legacy and the legacy associated with the scout movement.”

President Carmona called on scouts to ban plastic bags at all camp events of scouts.


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