Michelle’s ‘boyfriend’ identified

...cops have information on third victim also

(Trinidad Express) Police have information on the identity of the men who died in a triple homicide in Carlsen Field last Thursday.

Officers have contacted the relatives of one of the suspected victims – Michael Applewhite, 35, of San Juan.

His charred remains are believed to have been found in a burnt out house off Tanteak Road.

Victims: Michelle Harrylal and a man police believe to be Michael Applewhite

A relative of Applewhite’s contacted the Express and said that his family went to the Forensic Sciences Centre last Friday to assist in the identifying of his remains.

The relative said that the second man is believed to be Applewhite’s childhood friend, whose first name was ‘Marlon’, and whose nickname was “Monkey” and “Reddo”.

It is believed that a gold tooth cap with an engraving “Z” belonged to him, said the relative.

He is believed to be in his 40’s and originally from Laventille Road, San Juan.

The relative said Applewhite’s mother and a sister submitted tissue samples for DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) testing to have legally satisfying proof that it was Applewhite’s remains in the house.

Applewhite is originally from Bagatelle Road, San Juan, and had visited his family in company with Harrylal four days before they disappeared.

The relative told the Express that Applewhite’s family had been introduced to Harrylal as his girlfriend.

Harrylal’s parents submitted tissue samples for DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) testing to have legally satisfying proof that it was their daughter’s remains in the house.

Harrylal’s mother, Aliena Babwah, on Monday described her daughter’s killers as “animals” who will be dealt with by God. Babwah said she remained baffled as to who wanted her daughter dead.

The charred remains and the burnt out house were discovered after Harrylal’s son was found wandering a street in Carlsen Field.

He told residents that his mother had “gone to heaven”. Residents investigated and found the burnt-out house and remains of three people. There was a trail of blood in the bushes leading to the house, police said.

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