Extensive works were completed in Region 3 in 2016

Dear Editor,

Let me take this opportunity to first extend Happy New Year’s greetings to you and your entire staff and by extension the entire country we all love, Guyana. It is indeed a happy new year for us all in Region 3 because of the 100% completion of extensive work in our region for the year 2016. Last year will indeed go down in history as the year when for the first time Region 3 saw massive infrastructural improvement.

To begin with, for many years access to the only Amerindian settlement in our region (Santa Mission) and several other communities including La Harmonie was possible only by using private transportation which was very costly for our treasury and limited the number of visits by regional and state officials. Today we can boast the availability of two boats and engines belonging to the region that were purchased for easy transportation to and from the areas mentioned above.

Secondly, reinforced concrete structures were constructed at Meten Meer Zorg and Sisters Village in addition to the construction of a culvert in Groenveldt, and the rehabilitation of a revetment and sluice doors at Bagotville, Leguan. As it relates to bridges, heavy duty bridges were constructed at Sideline Dam, Vergenoegen, Belle Vue Housing Scheme and Canal No 1. Also, major bridge rehabilitation was done at Patentia Housing Scheme.

The administration rehabilitated roads in Patentia Housing Scheme; Bank Hall to Caledonia, Wakenaam; Goed Fortuin, 1st Street South East and Bangladesh Housing Scheme in Stewartville; Cameron Dam  Canal No 1; Noitgedacht to Maria Johanna, Wakenaam; and De Kinderen Old Road, West Coast Demerara.

In other development, the administration constructed a wharf and a gateway at Makouria, Essequibo River.

Under education building projects for 2016 the following were completed: the construction of Philadelphia Primary School in Vergenoegen EBE; the extension and rehabilitation of Patentia Nursery School; the extension of Belle West and Zeelugt Primary Schools;  enclosing the bottom flat of Essequibo Islands Secondary School in Wakanaam catering for the Science and Home Economics Departments; rehabilitation works in Canal No 1 Nursery School and construction of the pathway for Anna Catherina Nursery School; the construction of Aliki Primary School in the Essequibo River, a sanitary block at Cornelia Ida and Sans Souci Primary Schools, and a fence walkway and land filling in Philadephia Primary School in Vergenoegen EBE.

In addition, under the furniture and health equipment project for 2016, the region purchased the following and distributed them to the relevant health care facilities in the area: a cardiac monitor, a portable nebulizer, a steam boiler, Riso graph, medilite centrifuges, a living room suite, chemical analyzers, wooden beds, examination beds, delivery Beds for patients, industrial gas stoves, brush cutters, infant warmers and air conditioning units.

Finally, under the health building projects for 2016, the region sought to complete the following: construction of a doctors’ lounge at West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH); the rehabilitation of two operating theatres, construction for the first time of a High Dependency Unit at WDRH, rehabilitation of the nurses hostel at WDRH, the extension of the drug bond and dispensary at Leonora Cottage Hospital, the construction of a concrete trestle at Tuschen Health Centre and WDRH, as well as the waiting area at St Lawrence Health post EBE, and a building to accommodate porters and ambulance drivers at Leonora Diagnostic Centre. The rehabilitation of the X-Ray department at Leguan Cottage Hospital was also completed.

Finally, under the Land & water transport activities for 2016, the region purchased one ambulance and a 4×4 single cab pick-up.

Editor, words cannot express how pleased I am with this regional administration. You would have recognized that I did not make mention of the many roads that were graded, drains that were cleared and playfields that were rehabilitated. Nor did I mention motivational staff  activities and the general upliftment of all staff within the administration. In closing, may the regional administration headed by Mr Denis Jaikarran continue to serve the people of Region 3 with distinction. There is indeed still a lot to be done, and it will be done. Just remember the administration is working with a limited budget and in just under 2 years the region has accomplished so much. The best is yet to come.

Yours faithfully,

Ganesh Mahipaul

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