Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter from Mr Nigel Westmaas, whom I do not know (‘Wild accusations against Ogunseye’ SN, January 3).  However, I do have a lot of respect for his academic writing.  Mr Westmaas must not assume what he does not know.  I just want to make it absolutely clear, I do know Tacuma Ogunseye.  I was in the room at the JFK Library in Georgetown in the early 1990s, in front of political leaders and US Embassy officials at the time, when Mr Ogunseye made the call to import African-Guyanese from the Caribbean islands into Guyana as a means to counter the electoral advantage of the Indians. Does such a person come across as someone who believes in multi-racial unity?

Secondly, Mr Ogunseye is no Eusi Kwayana, and such a thought is nothing but wishful thinking.  But isn’t it hypocritical to ask me to take the high road in the debate with Mr Ogunseye, when he was the person who really needed to take the high road. I know far more things about Mr Ogunseye that I have chosen at this time to hold my fire on, and out of respect for Mr Westmaas, I will take the high road and make this my last letter on this issue, for now.

Not everyone will tolerate the ranting of Mr Ogunseye; he must learn to debate issues and ideas.

Yours faithfully,

Sasenarine Singh

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