Cabinet moves by Granger have startled

Dear Editor,

I must say that President Granger has startled with those cabinet moves.  It is why I continue to believe that the measure of the man is a work in progress, and that there is more than meets the eye.

What the President did is unprecedented.  No other president has removed, or moved around, or demoted anyone in the first two years of their administration.  Repeat: not one of his predecessors in a half a century.  In a particular known place, no one has ever been removed, since everyone around was a paragon of virtue and Nobel laureates in ethical standards and clean behaviour.  Still, it is just as widely known that there were those who should not have been anywhere near any kind of cabinet, but they were allowed to linger, languish, and laze around at taxpayer’s expense to the embarrassment of peers, neighbours, and the public.

Additionally, it should not escape the attention of the observant that this reshuffle of sorts involved PNC ministers only.  I see a message somewhere in there being sent to the AFC leadership.  The message is this: there are known underperformers and nonperformers amongst your brethren.  What is the story there?  What do you intend to do about those items of excess baggage?  I have set the example.  Interesting to see what follows.

Continuing with ministers, I wonder when, and if, some of them will ever learn.  The siren call of the media has so far proven to be irresistible to too many of them for too long.  It can be fatal.

These ministers need to be wiser.  Let the permanent secretary, or the senior technical people take the lead and be in the forefront of progress reports, media moments, and general Q&A sessions.  Further, there are public relations departments around sometimes; let these officials do their work, and earn their keep.  Ministers should break from the existing culture, and start seeing themselves as escalation points, fallback options, and last resorts, where media matters are concerned.  They have too much to do.  Or do they?  They must stop seeing themselves as Denzel Washington and media stars waiting for the photo-op and sound bite.

On occasion, they end up making thorough fools of themselves.  I am all for access and open communications 21st century style, but there has to be discipline and due cognizance of limitations.  Remember: today’s media darling can be tomorrow’s fallen angel.  Beware!

Last, and totally separately, I took the time to absorb the increasingly sharp exchanges between Brothers Tacuma Ogunseye and Sase Singh.  What a waste!  What was achieved?

In addition to the reciprocal escalating language, there are now only the residues of lasting distaste on both sides.  It is one of the reasons why I sharpen my antenna, and am on guard so as to leave these things (and people) alone.  I recommend the same to others in the public domain.  They lead nowhere.  They bring regret.  They leave a trail of rancour.  Like I said: what a waste!

Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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