‘Thank you to everyone who assisted Omkar Persaud’

Dear Editor,

Thank you for allowing us the space in your newspaper to express our sincere gratitude to the public and your paper for support and assistance rendered to our son, Omkar Persaud, and to inform you of his present condition.

Omkar, our 2 year old son was diagnosed with cancer in his eyes. His left eye was removed in Guyana. The doctors told us that to save his other eye and his life, he would require treatment in Cuba. We asked the public for financial assistance as we could not afford the four million dollars which the treatment would cost. We are most grateful that many persons generously donated. For this we say thank you. We particularly thank the Governments of Guyana and Cuba for facilitating the urgent treatment of our son.

We also thank your newspaper for publicizing our request. We are similarly grateful for the many kind wishes, prayers and thoughts expressed to our family.

Omkar was treated in Cuba and returned to Guyana last Friday. He still faces an ongoing battle. Radiation and chemotherapy will continue in Guyana as his fight continues. However, his chances of survival have greatly improved as a result of surgery and chemotherapy administered in Cuba.

As things stand, we do not require any further financial aid at this time. Unfortunately, we have learned that persons have been using our son’s name to solicit donations. We wish to inform the public that at the present time we are not requesting nor are we receiving money from any individual or charitable organisation. Having experienced this ordeal, though, we urge the public to continue to be generous to others who are in need, as such tragedies can happen to anyone.

Again, we say thank you to everyone who has assisted our family, who offered words of comfort, and who prayed for a positive outcome. As our son continues treatment, we are heartened by your support and feel confident that he will successfully beat this disease and have a full and normal life.

May God bless you all. We owe you all a debt which we can never repay.

Yours faithfully,

Keimchand and Casandra Persaud

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