Can’t get three names on driver’s licence without permission of Commissioner

Dear Editor,

On the 6th March, I went to renew my driver’s licence. I asked for all three of my names to be printed since I use them and they are on my TIN certificate. I was told that it cannot be done. I got upset and asked why? One of the clerks advised me to go to the advisory department, where the staff were very polite, approachable and helpful.

I explained the problem to the Manager and she did her best to have my three full names printed on my licence as requested. I was happy for one second until she was told that it was a temporary measure and that I had to write the Commissioner General. Honestly, I don’t think it is logical for me to write the Commissioner General to sort out this small matter when it can be done in the relevant department, my names are in the system and were printed temporarily on my driver’s licence.

My three full names are important to me, and are on my birth certificate, ID card, passport, utility bills, travel documents, TIN, NIS and bank documents. All I am requesting is for my three full names to be printed out permanently in the future.

I wrote the Commissioner General and delivered the letter on the 14th March. I am still waiting for a response to resolve this matter.

Yours faithfully,

Lolita Hicks

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