Region Two State House has been restored

Dear Editor,

Region 2 achieved 99% and 100% completion under its capital and current expenditures respectively in 2016. The Region was allocated the sum of $3,432,836,000 with $2,958,836,000 spent under current expenditure and $474,000,000 under capital expenditure. Several projects of critical importance were completed including the construction of bridges at Baghag Dam, Richmond, Good Hope, as well as in Marlborough and Mabel Sandy in the Pomeroon River. These areas were prone to flooding and were affecting the movement of residents from one part to another.

Additionally, a major allocation went to the education sector which saw the construction of the Aurora Primary School at a cost of $86 million, Akawini Nursery $14 million and Bethany Primary $10 million. The Wakapoa dormitory and teacher’s living quarters in the Pomeroon River were also rehabilitated at a cost of $10 million and $9 million, respectively. Several other schools were also rehabilitated, including Anna Regina Secondary, Cotton Field Secondary, Flora and Better Success Nursery as well as Ulele and Yarashrima Primary Schools. The administration continues to work closely with the Department of Education in an effort to ensure that there remains a conducive environment for learning and adequate living conditions for teachers, especially in the Pomeroon district.

Given the geography of the Region, there is a constant need for the rehabilitation of several streets and roads, although the main road is in excellent condition. In this regard, streets in Dartmouth, Adventure, Anna Regina and the road in Henrietta were completed. The upgrading of Station Street in Anna Regina was done at a cost of $7 million which will serve to ease the traffic congestion, especially for vehicles travelling between the main road and Mainstay Village, which has tourist beaches including Mainstay Resort.

Under the health sector, critical work was done to the Accident and Emergency Unit at the Oscar Joseph District Hospital in Charity as well as the Maternity Waiting Home at the Public Hospital, Suddie. Additionally, a health post was built at Onderneeming which will serve the housing scheme there, while the living quarters were rehabilitated for doctors residing at the Suddie Public Hospital.

The Region remains heavily reliant on agriculture, and therefore the administration continues to place specific emphasis on drainage and irrigation. Sluices were built at Perth, Hampton Court, Charity, Spring Garden and Lima, while a box culvert was installed at Bounty Hall and an Irrigation Check at Huist ’Dieren. This infrastructure will assist in the cultivation of rice and other agricultural crops. The administration has also created the attractive Independence Park at Exmouth which will promote both economic and recreational activities as well as seek to foster greater social cohesion.

Major works were also done under current expenditure during last year. These included the general repair and repainting of the administrative buildings which can now be viewed as more accommodating for both staff and the public. Sea sluices at Westbury and Dartmouth were rehabilitated as well as new sanitary facilities constructed at Anna Regina, Suddie, Huis’t Dieren, Good Hope, Windsor Castle and Dartmouth Health Centres. Several trenches were also desilted; these are regular interventions to combat the threat of flooding as well as remove the receptacles disposed of in an indiscriminate manner by residents.

The administration remains committed to transforming the Region through the further stimulation of the economy. This will require prudent management of its limited resources which has been evident under the stewardship of Regional Executive Officer Rupert Hopkinson. In 2015 the Region was able to achieve savings of $147,112,000,000 which 70% of which were expended on the restoration of the Regional State House. This historic building has been completely transformed and now has beautifully landscaped surroundings. It is now fitting to host government officials there and hold conferences too. The beautification of the township continues and it can now boast of being in a state of cleanliness.

Yours faithfully,

Elroy Stephney






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