GPL has not moved rotten posts after four years

Dear Editor,

I’m the owner of Lot 1 Lookout EBE, and I contacted GPL back in 2013 concerning the removal of old lantern posts just tied up to the new post leaning towards my fence. It seems as if it could fall any day and damage my fence causing expense to GPL. Recently I contacted them again and they stated they were replacing old posts in the area and would remove the older rotten ones in question.  Needless to say this has not been done. When I called and spoke to a Mr Harris in the Parika area he mentioned he didn’t know when they would get to it.

As you can see it’s been over four years since this was first reported, and this is unacceptable for taxpayers. It’s a very simple task to remove the old rotten post which would be less than half a day’s work. Below, you can see one of the posts in reference.

Yours faithfully,

Seldon Forde

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