Two recommendations for a reshuffle

Dear Editor

The citizens of Guyana should not expect Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan to resign after the horrific jail break. Ministers in Guyana do not resign for corruption, mismanagement or when there is a public outcry over their performance. Instead, they are ‘reshuffled’. Should a reshuffle be imminent I would like to make two recommendations for two cards in the pack. Minster Ramajattan be removed with immediate effect and a competent person preferably with a military background be given the task of transforming the Ministry of Public Security. Retired Major General Joe Singh comes to mind. He has a sound military background and experience with management within the private sector.

Minister Jordan has tried to justify taxing education for our nation’s children when over fifty per cent of students cannot pass the National Grade Six Assessments. Our political future looks dim and now the future of thousands of children looks even dimmer. Minister Carl Greenidge who overlooked the transformation of Guyana’s economy in the late 1980s would be my preferred choice.

Yours faithfully,

M Craig

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